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Friday, September 20, 2013

Kindergarten Lines

Kindergarten had a few details to finish on their lion for the Art To Remember fundraiser, so I wanted an activity that was short, sweet and to the point, so I thought LINES!

First we drew a vertical straight line. Then a vertical curvy line.

Now we moved on to horizontal lines, first a zig zag.

Then a horizontal loopy loop.

Finished drawing before we paint.

Painting begins. First time using watercolors, so I quickly explain how to use the water, to paint to paper.

We repeat water, paint, paper, water, paint, paper, water, paint, paper, water, paint, and paper.

I had them paint each section we created with lines a new color.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Edible Color Wheel

My visual art major students (a mixture of 4th and 5th graders) completed the color unit with a edible color wheel.

Each student got a bag of 12 Vanilla Wafers. Each table got a cup of blue, yellow and red vanilla icing.

The goal was to make the primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

Using their colors they mixed all the colors on their plate.

Icing was every where hands, spoons, tables and napkins. Students begged to lick the spoon but I reminded them each table is dipping their spoon in the cups of icing.

They all seemed to really enjoy this project and we didn't get to all the colors due to the time limit but it was a great way to end our knowledge of color.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Collaborative Paintings

My Visual Art Major students did a collaborative painting to help make signs for Open House.

We discussed how artist will work together to complete a large mural.

As a table they agreed upon a geometric shape.

Then using black paint they painted the geometric shape all over the large bulletin board paper.

Using the black they connected the shapes with different types of lines. Straight, zig zag, wavy, curly que, etc..

Then they used the primary colors to create new colors to paint in their shapes.

After the shapes were painted they did the same with the spaces they created with the lines, in between the shapes.

I took these paintings and used black paint to write messages for the parents for Open House.

Many parents come to Open House but no one ever visits the art room. Now I have signs telling parents the art room is open to come visit and I displayed student art all in one. I had many parents stop by and I will continue this project every year!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Kindergarten Color

Each year I start off with teaching or reviewing the color wheel. For my kindergartners this is a time to teach techniques of painting and cleaning up more than just colors.

You can see here the new painting system I have adapted. The paintbrushes have a "house" they start and finish in, making sure the hair is on top like on our heads.

They used the primary colors to attempt to mix colors when we closed the paper and rubbed them together.

We learned and practiced how to wash off the paintbrush. We bounce it on the bottom of the water cup and then wipe the hair off the side. No stiring or tapping!

Here are some of the finished products!

Monday, August 19, 2013

New Ceramics Class

I choose to add a ceramics class to our Art Majors for the fourth and fifth graders. Time is precious and I just don't have enough time during my first, second and third grade classes. I end up do about 75% of the clay projects myself. It is very tiring.

This year we have one class specifically working with clay. We have a full class of 27 students.

We watch videos of me demonstrating the skill or videos I have found on You Tube demonstrating the basic technique.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday my 2nd graders walk out as my ceramics walk in. Ceramics is then followed by my visual art major class. Time management is the key!

My time needs to be split between preparing the materials for student, teaching the lesson and students working. It can be difficult at times.

The first week we learned and practiced cutting a slab of clay, rolling the clay and scoring. We used play dough to practice some of these techniques.

The 2nd week students created a pinch pot and we will be painting them at the end of this week.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Tint and Shade

Art Majors have the privilege of seeing me everyday and working on a piece throughout the week. This week we began discussing shade and tint. I tried to connect that when we are in the shade it is darker, therefore when we shade a color we want to make it darker by adding black. We began by painting their entire 12 x 18 white paper with a tinted color of their choice. Day two we added trees or a tree with the same color but now a shaded version.
The last step was to add snowflakes using the original color.

Here are a few completed pictures:

Friday, November 16, 2012

Dough Salt Ornaments

The last day before any holiday break is difficult. Kids are wound up and teachers are tired. On the last day before Thanksgiving break I planned for the kids to make clay and salt dough ornaments for a local project and for themselves. Well I had it all set and prepared for 24 students and in walk about 7 students. The others had been checked out. Well those 7 students were my little elves and they worked hard to produce enough ornaments for the local project and for the others to paint and take home. I tried not baking the salt dough since I didn't want to take home that many ornaments but I am finding out that after 4 weeks of air drying they are still not completely dry. Oh, well I tried!